Winterize Your Idaho Home - Article BannerWinter can be difficult for a lot of reasons, and your property feels the stress of the weather, too. In Idaho, there’s no avoiding those freezing temperatures, biting wind chills, and snowstorms. 

How can you make sure your Idaho home is protected? We have a few ideas, and we’re also happy to take a look at your property and make our own customized recommendations based on the location, age, and condition of your investment. 

Here’s where to start. 

Inspect Your Idaho Roof 

Annual seasonal maintenance on your roof can end up saving you thousands of dollars. It’s so much easier to replace a few shingles than it is to replace an entire roof. So, before the snow begins to pile up, get someone onto your roof to take a look. You want to make sure there isn’t any damage, and you also want to make sure there’s no chance that water can seep inside. 

Hire a roof inspector or a licensed roofing company. They will look for loose, damaged or missing shingles that need replacing. It’s also a good idea to inspect the chimney flashing as well as any vents that may invite leaks. Get everything patched up and in good shape for the winter. 

Clean the gutters! Debris gathering throughout the winter months will only cause messy problems. Double-check the insulation in your home’s attic too, because that will help with energy costs through the winter. 

Landscaping and Irrigation in Idaho Yards

You won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn for the winter season, but you do want to prepare it for the cold temperatures and the freezing ground. Schedule a blowout for your sprinklers, otherwise the first cold snap could damage them. It’s not an expensive maintenance item, and well worth the investment. 

Detach all of the hoses that may be still screwed into your faucets outside. Drain those faucets to prevent freezing pipes that are prone to burst. 

As you think about your landscaping, the winter is a great time to fertilize and seed before the snow starts. You should also trim all your trees and shrubs, especially those close to your property. 

Indoor Plumbing and Pipes 

Keep the heat set at no lower than 55 degrees in your home, even if you’re going out of town or the property is vacant. You don’t want frozen pipes, which can lead to an expensive plumbing mess. If your property is a rental, educate tenants on how to prevent burst pipes. 

Service your Furnace and HVAC

Check Heating SystemChange your air filters regularly. Check them every month to see if they need to be changed again. Have an HVAC tech come out and check your heating system so you can be sure there won’t be any disruption to the delivery of heat during the winter. 

If most of your heat comes from a fireplace, make sure that’s inspected, too. A professional chimney sweep company can clean out creosote that could potentially be a fire hazard. They can also inspect the damper and the cracks that may have developed between bricks. You also want to make sure birds or mice haven’t set up a home in your chimney and fireplace. 

These are just a few of the starting points for good winter maintenance. If you’d like some help, we’re here to assist with your Idaho property. Contact our team at Jacob Grant Property Management.