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3 Sections of the CARES Act That Directly Affect Your Idaho Falls Rental Property

Three sections of the CARES Act signed by president Trump on March 27th define how mortgage forbearances, foreclosures and evictions are to be handled during the covid-19 outbreak. This is a summary of those sections. We are providing this information so that owners of rental properties can maximize resources during these trying times. This article […]

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Listen or Read How Balance Sheets and Cashflow Add Rental Profit

Read, listen or both by using the audio file below. In a recent post I wrote about how valuable it can be to to keep a personal cashflow statement. I described how it could identify places where money is leaking out of your wallet, your checkbook, etc. I also wrote another article about balance sheets. […]

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Despite Any Ill, East Idaho Rental Properties Perform

Sars, swine flu or coronavirus, rental properties in Eastern Idaho are a solid, long term investment. While the Dow is having a selloff not seen since 1987, rental properties are being snapped up in the Idaho Falls area quickly and at prices higher than last year. People need a place to live regardless of what […]

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Cash Flow Statements Matter More When You Have Less

The Less You Have, The More You Need To Keep Track of It You’ve been kidnapped and thrown in the trunk of a car. After your captors drive around for awhile, they pull you out and dump you in an unknown desert and drive off. You’re so far from civilization that you can’t even see […]

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Fifty Year Low Interest Rates

If you had an inclination towards leveraging equity, refinancing or purchasing a property now might be a good time. Interest rates are as low as they have been in 50 years. Food for thought. Have a good weekend. Average rates for loans. Loan Type Interest Rate APR 30-Year Fixed Rate 3.660% 3.850% 20-Year Fixed Rate […]

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