Idaho Falls Property Management Done the Jacob Grant Way for YOUR Investment Journey

Are you about to buy your first investment home? Or, perhaps you’re looking to expand your portfolio with another development property?

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Wherever you are on your investment journey, if you have a business mindset, then Jacob Grant can come along with you.Our goal is financial independence for our clients. This means different things to different people. If you want to see what the journey is like with us, then send us a few details today. We’ll get back to you with a FREE detailed plan for your specific Idaho Falls investment needs.

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What makes Jacob Grant different?

Traditional landlords and property management companies who have their mindset want to save money by spending as little as possible and DIYing everything. This disregards the feelings of tenants and only targets short-term benefits.

Jacob Grant wants to grow your income until you reach financial independence by treating your investments like a business. This means that we spend strategically on proactive maintenance done by experts. We also ensure that you and your renters get the best in customer service. Finally, we utilize continuous improvements to target long-term growth in both cash flow and the value of your properties.

Talk to Jacob Grant today to find out how we can apply our business strategies to your Idaho Falls investment properties.

Jacob Grant: Idaho Falls Property Management Like No Other

A traditional landlord mindset can only get you so far. If you want financial independence through real estate investment, then partner up with Jacob Grant. We’ll grow your real estate portfolio, regular cash flow, and long-term returns by treating your investments like a business.

What Can We Do For You?

Jacob Grant delivers proven results in Idaho Falls Property Management through business strategies.

Property Management

Property Management

We use business strategies to market, manage, and maintain your investments.

Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing

We can increase your long-term cash flow by guiding you in buying or building new investments.

Our Success Speaks for Itself

At Jacob Grant Property Management, we pride ourselves on having the best maintained and cleanest rental properties in Idaho Falls.

We’ve also delivered proven results, such as…

We increased an 82-unit community’s property value by $280K and increased our client’s income by 8.9%

We got a 15% increase in property value and income just by recommending and applying strategic capital improvements to a fourplex.

An investor got an 8% return on his money without doing any daily management because of our turnkey approach to his passive income goals.

Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

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Read Our Success Stories

"I've worked with Jacob Grant property management for several years now and they have been a great partner. They think of the things that I don't have time to think of. They come to me when we need to make bigger investments in my property, but most of the time, they just handle the issues that come up. Their team is proactive with their communication and if I reach out, they are responsive to my inquiries. I strongly recommend Jacob Grant for anyone looking for a good property manager." - Mark A.

"Jacob Grant representatives have always been very prompt and courteous in all my dealings with them. Most recently Jorge has gone above and beyond." - Ryan A.

"I've had a great experience investing through Jacob Grant. I get regular updates on how things are going that are complete and thorough. They are looking at the long term through their expertise. I've been investing with them for around 5 years now." - Brian D.

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