All investments must be monitored for maximum ROI

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Investments have to be monitored to keep up your ROI . The question isn’t whether or not your investments need to be looked after. The question lies in who looks after them. Some people feel it necessary to keep a constant watch on their investments. They’re investing their money, and feel expert in how their money is invested. Residential real estate investors are aware that monitored rental properties maximize ROI.

A portfolio of stocks and bonds is watched by a financial advisor. They watch the markets and look for social, business, and political changes. These could affect your investments. They give advice that you may choose to follow. This helps maintain the ROI of your various positions, or hopefully increases them.

A rental property portfolio requires constant and unique monitoring.

Monitored rental properties maximize ROI

Rental property ROI is affected by things an investor can’t control. New industries coming into the region, mortgage rates, the debt burden of potential home buyers, and the ratio of home-buyer income to home cost, all affect the value and ROI of investment properties.

What’s in the investor’s control is the condition and reputation of their rental properties. Inspections of your properties are effective tools. These tools are used to maintain your ROI.

Jacobgrant property management can provide you with the benefits of controlling the reputation and condition of your property without your involvement. This is part of what we call a passive ROI experience. We take care of your property so you don’t have to. We do this through careful monitoring, and maintenance.

Scheduled property inspections

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Jacobgrant maintenance personnel inspect your properties. They will discover anything unusual, like lease violations. In addition, they will find items in need of repair. These items require regular maintenance.

The maintenance department at jacobgrant has moved beyond taking notes on paper, and taking the occasional photograph. This is an old way of doing things. The maintenance department now uses a software tool that accurately documents with text, and images, the condition of your rental investments.

Jacobgrant’s maintenance department uses a tool that aids in finding things that wear out. Items like this can cause costly damage over time.

You don’t have to take anyone’s word for the condition of your investment property and its continued maximum ROI. Using images, the resulting visual report you’ll receive will give you a virtual tour of your investment properties.

The transparency created by showing you the condition of your properties will give you peace of mind. The images prove that we are fulfilling our commitment to maintaining your passive ROI.

Noticing incidental irregularities

It’s in your best interests for our technicians to notice what’s going on in your properties. They do so at every opportunity. We train our personnel to be aware of any potential lease violations, or tenant damage.

For instance, while repairing another item, there was a slow leak in the toilet’s wax gasket. It happens often. A trained maintenance person looks for things out of the ordinary. A leaky gasket could go unnoticed. This could turn into a large expense. That could severely damage your ROI.

An experienced maintenance person will notice a toilet moving on it’s base. They will notice moisture where it shouldn’t be and they can take care of it easily and quickly. There’s no flooring damage, no damage to the structure underneath, and no damage to your ROI.

Someone has to pay attention to your properties on an ongoing basis. This also means more than periodic inspections. Accordingly, it means having a set of qualified, and concerned eyes on your property whenever the opportunity arises.

Jacobgrant takes care of the condition and reputation of your rentals. This is part of the passive investment experience. If you want to enjoy a passive investment experience, let jacobgrant monitor your properties for maximum ROI. Monitored rental properties maximize ROI. Call Kirk Rehfield, (Jacobgrant Owner Relations) or 208-795-8298.