Last week I dropped a few words about screening tenants and how it affects the bottom line on your properties. It’s obvious that you want to get good tenants, but once you have them it’s a bit short sighted to think that’s all there is to keeping a property at it’s highest level of profitability.

After earning quality tenants, it’s necessary to ensure that your properties are cared for and in a proper state of repair. This is part of the service that Jacobgrant provides in the form of periodic inspections.

As we do every year, we will be performing preventative inspections on properties. As an investor with Jacobgrant you should’ve received an email making you aware of this. If you have not received this email please let our team know so that you will receive this and future emails in a timely fashion. The person to contact is Kirk Rehfield, (Jacobgrant Owner Relations) or 208-795-8298.

A major advantage to the Jacobgrant experience is our team’s ongoing drive to streamline processes that will keep your ownership experience from taking your time, which is your most valuable asset.

Our maintenance team will be using a new piece of technology that will enable them to produce informative and complete reports with images that you will receive.

The benefit to you, the investor, is that without spending, undue time and effort, you’ll be able see images of your properties with written descriptions of them. This provides complete transparency in the management of your properties. At Jacobgrant we believe that transparency builds trust and a better long term working relationship with, you, the investor.

These integrated reports combined with the expert consultation of the leadership at Jacobgrant, will enable you to continue to make long term decisions about your real estate investments so that you can realize the highest level of return with the least effort and expense.

Utilizing this integrated tool to organize written and visual data about properties is crucial the ongoing quality ownership experience at Jacobgrant.

Our experience repeatedly proves, that real estate is no different than any other investment. It requires attention and nurturing to assure the highest and most consistent level of ROI. By performing these inspections in an expedient, professional, and highly organized fashion, we will keep your properties performing for the long term.