If you’re anything like us – looking for ways to save time, become smarter real estate investors, uncover proven marketing strategies, and stay on track with industry news and trends – you need a quality reading list.

Thanks to the abundance of blogs popping up all over the internet, finding quality (actionable) information is becoming very challenging.

As you can see in the following graph from Statista, the number of posts and blogs is increasing exponentially. This makes it very easy to miss out on important information that could help you become a more informed investor and grow your business.


I have compiled a list of 89 real estate blogs that every investor, property manager and landlord should read. These blogs are authored by notable brands and industry experts, and will teach you key investment strategies, marketing tactics, property management best practices, as well as keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends on both a national and local scale.

This is a one-stop guide to the most valuable real estate resources on the web today. It took me 20 hours to put together, so I hope you find it helpful 🙂

I have segmented the blogs into sub-categories so that you can quickly find the content that interests you most.

All of the blogs in this list are regularly publishing fresh content.

Make a note of your favorite blogs from this list, and then set up a free Feedly account so that you have all your favorite content at your finger tips, in one convenient location.

Here we go!

Corporate Blogs

Corporate real estate blogs

1. Redfin
This is a fantastic resource with loads of informative and actionable content, including everything from real estate news and analysis, to investment tips and advice. Bookmark this one.

2. Zillow
This is another great resource for agents, landlords and property managers alike. Loads of quality information from industry leaders that will keep you abreast of national real estate trends, and provide actionable strategies for selling and marketing your home.

3. MSN Real Estate
Stay up-to-date with the very latest real estate news and trends.

4. Memphis Invest
This blog focuses closely on smart investment strategies geared towards maximizing cash flow and passive income generation.

5. RealtyBizNews
A great resource for real estate news, home buying resources and real estate market analysis.

6. Trulia Blog
Another leader when it comes to the real estate industry. Get unique insights into housing data as well as actionable advice for real estate professionals. This one should definitely make it onto your Feedly list.

7. Realtor.com
These guys cover pretty much any topic related to real estate, from celebrity cribs to home decor tips.

8. RentBits
This blog provides information about the rental market. Especially helpful for tenants, property managers and real estate agents. 

9. Movoto
They tout themselves as the lighter side of real estate. This places a fun twist on real estate news and events. Their top 10 places lists are very popular.

10. MSNBC Business
Breaking industry news and opinions from industry experts.

11. CNN Money
This blog takes a more personal look at finances, but includes some helpful information for investors and new home buyers.

Real Estate Investing Blogs

Real estate investment tips and strategies

12. Bigger Pockets
If there was one blog I could read, this would be it. It answers pretty every real estate question you could imagine with insights from a number of industry experts.

13. Bawldguy
Get an insight look at a number of proven real estate investment strategies.

14. Flippingjunkie
Take a look over the shoulder of Danny Johnson as he shows you how to make money flipping houses.

15. Real Estate In Your Twenties
This is the personal investment blog of Bigger Pockets’ Brandon Turner. Sit back as he teaches you everything he knows about real estate investment.

16. Big Rock Investments
Some helpful investment tips and industry information to help you make smarter business decisions.

17. Blood Hound Realty
A group of real estate investors located in Phoenix, Arizona. These guys provides helpful investment tips and relocation advice.

18. RETipster
The title says it all – real world guidance for part-time real estate investors. Get boat loads of actionable marketing advice. A great read!

19. Hassle Free Cash Flow Investing
David Campbell is an industry guru when it comes to real estate investing and cashflow generation. Follow his creative investment strategies as he uncovers emerging market opportunities.

20. Flipping Smart
Learn how to flip houses the right way, and make a ton of money.

21. Invest Four More
Follow real estate guru Mark Ferguson as he introduces you to long term rental investment strategies, as well as ‘fix and flip” tactics. 

22. Tom Sylvester
Tom is a contributor to the Bigger Pockets blog, and regularly writes about real estate and entrepreneurship.

23. The Michael Blank
An interesting read. Michael Blank takes you inside his investment strategies. His focus is buying apartment buildings by raising money from private individuals. Well worth a read!

24. Just Ask Ben Why
Ben Leybovich is an industry leader that shares the strategies he used to secure his own financial future.

25. Norada Real Estate Investments
Real estate news, advice, opinion, and insights for every level of real estate investor.

26. The Big Property List
Resource for facts, opinions, and perspectives on real estate issues concerning rental property, real estate sales and leasing.

27. REIClub
Real Estate Investment Articles, Videos, Blog, Clubs, and Forums for Real Estate Investors.

28. Personal Real Estate Investor Mag
Industry news and investment strategies from industry experts.

29. Property Investment Project
Bob Landlord shares his personal experiences as a landlord and property enthusiast.

30. Struggling Investor
Scott walks you through the lessons he has learned as a first time investor, and teaches you everything he knows to become a profitable investor.

31. House Flipping School
Mike LaCava is an expert house flipper that shares actionable advice about the art of profitable house flipping. He also provides an educational program called ‘house flipping school’ for people that want to take their investment strategies to next level.

Economy/ News/ Data

Real estate news and trends

32. For Sale By Owner
Real estate blog for the sale-by-owner community. It’s written to provide actionable insights for making the buying and selling of property as profitable as possible.

33. Real Estate Tomato
Jim Cronin has quickly built himself into an industry thought leader, helping real estate investors become proficient bloggers. If you’re looking to become a better blogger and leverage online channels to grow your business, this blog is an absolute must-read!

34. Inman
If you have a short list, this blog should be on it. It’s the real estate industry’s most authoritative source of market conditions, business trends, technology, real estate and financial news.

35. Dr Housing Bubble
A candid account of what is happening in today’s housing market.

36. Royce Of Real Estate
Arizona short sale expert, and Bigger Pockets contributor, Tracy Royce discusses short sale tactics and real estate trends.

37. Phoenix Real Estate Guy
Market updates and investment strategies.

38. Notorious Rob
Once named “The most powerful blogger in real estate”, this is where Rob Hahn of 7DS Associates discusses the real estate industry.

39. Matrix
I’d bookmark this one. Jonathan Miller provides some fascinating insights as he interprets the real estate economy.

40. Paper Economy
This blog focuses primarily on the state of the housing economy. However, the posts go into insane amounts of detail. Stay in tune with current state of the housing economy.

41. Urban Digs
Housing market information and government policies.

42. REWired
Opinion, commentary and analysis on everything that makes the U.S. housing economy tick

43. Calculated Risk
A top ranked economics and finance blog with a focus on the housing market. This one provides some in-depth analysis that can be used to guide investment decisions. 

44. Property Cluster
Real industry updates and tips for selling your house quickly.

45. Housing Wire
influential source of news and information on U.S. housing finance, covering lending, servicing, investments and real estate. This one is on my short list.

46. Think Glink
Ilyce Glink and her Real Estate Matters blog appear in over 100 newspapers and sitesIts focus is to answer questions related to real estate, buying, selling, financing, refinancing, credit and debt, insurance, real estate investment, new construction, and renovation.

47. Loan Shak
Different bloggers way in on mortgages, taxes, foreclosures, and more related to your “shak”. Make sure you check out the “shaktoids”.

48. Real Estate Communities
The latest news, articles, and real estate marketing ideas in various real estate communities across the United States.

49. Boom Town!
Get the latest in real estate technologies.

50. Ashworth Partners Blog
A one-stop for everything related to apartment building investments.

51. A Student of the Real Estate Game
Joe Stampone discusses is unorthodox path into real estate investment and shares his strategies for achieving similar success.

52. DQ News
In-depth real estate news and industry data.

53. RISMedia
The self-proclaimed leader in real estate information systems. This blog does a pretty good job living up to it’s name.

54. CushWake
Commercial real estate blog discussing the issues of the day for real estate investors, tenants & landlords in office, industrial & retail real estate.

55. Commercial Post
All your commercial real estate headline news. Tons of great information here.

56. IREM
Information on real estate management industry fundamentals and the latest news and trends.

57. NYT Deal Book
Financial news service reporting on mergers, acquisitions, venture capital and hedge funds.

58. This Month In Real Estate History
Some random facts, findings and figures for realtors. You’ll find some information on this blog that you simply can’t dig up anywhere else.

59. All Property Management
Tips and strategies for making real estate management efficient and profitable.

60. Property Management Insider
his is another great resource for property management professionals. The blog covers a wide range of topics from revenue and expense management to apartment marketing, with a close focus on multi family.

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing blogs

61. Agent Image
This blog is a fantastic resource that covers a range of internet marketing and web design best practices for real estate professionals. Very helpful for real estate agents and brokers. Bookmark it!

62. Geek Estate
This one is deserves special attention. This is a fantastic resource that explores a number of real estate technology and internet marketing topics.

63. 100WBlog
Writings about real estate, branding, marketing, media and technology.

64. Ubertor
This blog is one of the best real estate marketing guides on the web. This blog will teach you how to leverage social media, SEO, paid advertising, branding and content marketing to propel your real estate business.

65. Retechulous
This blog touches on a number of online marketing strategies for real estate. This content provides creative strategies that investors can begin implementing today.

66. Dave Kohl Real Estate Marketing
Dave Kohl offers more than 25 years of real estate and mortgage advertising and marketing experience. This content is jam packed with actionable content. 

67. Real Estate Marketing Blog
Internet marketing tips and ideas to help you get the most out of your real estate website.

68. Max Real Estate Exposure
Bill Gassett delivers a bunch of actionable advice for bringing ‘maximum exposure’ to your real estate investments. Not sure how I missed this one, but thanks to Bill for reaching out 😉


Local real estate news and trends

69. Rain City Guide
This is your guide to the Seattle real estate market. This blog is fed by a number of industry experts and is well worth the read.

70. Property Shark
Detailed property information, foreclosures, ownership search, comparables and property values across a range of markets including NYC and LA.

71. Brownstoner
The go-to Brooklyn real estate blog. Market information and listings.

72. The Real Estate Dirt
Digging up all the ‘dirt’ on the Northern Virginia real estate market.

73. The Real Deal NY
This blog covers all the breaking real estate news and information across New York. A very comprehensive resource.

74. Real Central VA
Charlottesville’s Real Estate Source for Data & Real Estate Analysis.

75. Tracys LA Real Estate
If you’re looking for a information about the LA real estate market, this is the blog for you.

76. New England Real Estate Journal
The New England Real Estate Journal is one of the largest commercial real estate news source in the United States. 

77. CurbedNY
The New York City neighborhoods and real estate blog.

78. House Einstein
Osman Parvez has over a decade experience helping investors make smarter real estate decisions.

79. Swamplot
An in-depth look at Houston’s real estate landscape.

80. OCRegister
The number one real estate company in the Orange County three years in a row.

81. Talk To CJ
CJ Brasiel provides tips and advice for selling your home in the San Jose area.

82. Chicago Agent Magazine
This blog covers everything related to Chicago real estate.

83. Austin Real Estate Secrets
Tim Thornton unlocks real estate secrets for the market in Austin Texas.

84. Intero Blog
Local insights for a number of California real estate markets.

85. Burbed
It claims to be the “most disruptive real estate blog in 33 years”. Take a look and see why.

86. Sacramento Appraisal Blog
Expert residential appraiser, Ryan Lundquist, sheds light on the local housing market in Sacramento, California. He also educates the real estate community about the appraisal process, and teaches investors how to better work with appraisers.

87. Seattle Bubble
Wow, I’m not sure how I missed these guys. Thanks to Tim Ellis for reaching out, this blog pumps out the content with over 80 quality posts already this year. If you’re from the Pacific NW this blog should be on your short list!

88. James Milner
James Milner is a commercial real estate expert addressing key issues impacting the Boone, North Carolina market.

89. Milwaukee Business Journal
Sean Ryan’s roundup covers practically everything there is to know about the Milwaukee real estate market.

By Robbie Richards.

Are there any other blogs that you would like to see added to the list? Leave us a comment below and we’ll check it out.