The real estate industry has changed considerably in recent years with the rapid growth of social media. Leading publications and industry experts are now leveraging these channels to distribute content that was previously buried in expensive books and training courses.

Today, people in all sectors of the industry – investors, agents, property managers, brokers, mortgage advisors, strategists – have access to a tidal wave of actionable content. But, as more professionals adopt social media, in this case Twitter, more information is flooding the news feed making it difficult to differentiate the good from the bad.

I’ve put together a shortlist of real estate professionals that are actively sharing valuable content on Twitter. Content covers investment, marketing, housing and economic trends, strategy and a whole lot more.

Follow these 29 experts and you’ll:

  • Learn latest industry trends and forecasts
  • Learn proven investment strategies for any budget
  • Learn how to market your investments and maximize ROI
  • Learn how to generate passive income with rental investments
  • Learn how to negotiate home buys/ sales
  • Learn how to manage investment properties

There are hundreds of real estate professionals that are active on Twitter. However, this shortlist includes the cream of the crop. These people tweet almost exclusively about real estate, and everything is actionable. No fluff, just great content one tweet after another.

I have included a link to each Twitter account, as well as a brief description and quick links to my favorite posts written by each expert.

Let’s jump in!


Bill Gassett real estate expert#1. Bill Gassett, Top 5 Real Estate Agent in Southborough Massachusetts 

Followers: 23,300

Bill Gassett is a self-confessed social media/ SEO junkie. If you’re looking for a one-stop source of real estate information, whether it be latest trends/strategies to build exposure for your investments through a number of online marketing channels, Bill’s Twitter handle is one of the first places you should look.

Top 3 Posts Written By Bill:

1. Things Buyers Do That Real Estate Agents Hate

2. 7 Extra First Time Home Buyer Expenses

3. How To Sell A Home In The Winter

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Seth Williams real estate expert#2. Seth WilliamsFounder of – Real World Guidance for Part-Time Real Estate Investors

Followers: 3,865

Seth Williams runs one of the top real estate investment blogs on the internet. Every time he hits publish readers are in for a treat. If you want to learn how to find motivated sellers, sell properties fast, create passive income and find financial freedom in real estate, check out Seth’s blog and follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 Posts Written By Seth:

1. 101 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Real Estate Investing

2. Today’s Best Real Estate Blogs

3. Deadly Pricing Mistakes Most Real Estate Investors Make

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Seth Williams real estate expert #3. Elias NathanielReal Estate Investor and Promoter

Followers: 8,447

Elias Nathaniel is extremely active within the social media space. He consistently shares some of the most insightful information regarding real estate trends and market conditions you’ll find anywhere on the web. If you want to stay up on current real estate trends and be an informed investor, follow Elias.

Top Resource From Elias’s Website:

Rent Vs. Buy Calculator

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Marco Santarelli real estate expert#4. Brandon TurnerInvestor, VP Marketing at BiggerPockets 

Followers: 6,472

Brandon Turner is a renowned real estate investor and co-host of the world’s #1 real estate podcast. He shares truck loads of actionable advice for entrepreneurs and real estate investors on his personal blog, Real Estate In Your Twenties. A must-follow!

Top 3 Posts Written By Brandon:

1. How To Buy Real Estate When You Are Broke

2. Your First Investment Should Be…

3. How To Quickly Analyze A Single Family Home For Investment

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Mark Brian real estate coach#5. Mark Brian, Realtor, Investor and Blogger at

Followers: 23,700

Mark Brian’s blog is brutally honest 🙂 His content cuts through the fat and delivers the information that investors in his local area of South Carolina need to make smart investment decisions. He also shares a ton of actionable advice on Twitter!

Top 2 Posts Written By Mark:

1. Eliminate Stress When Selling Your Home

2. December 2014 Mortgage Rate Update

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Ben Leybovich real estate expert6. Ben LeybovichReal Estate Investor, Entrepreneur and Speaker

Followers: 1,010

Ben Leybovich is a successful real estate investor that shares the tips and strategies he used to secure his financial future when no other investment could. He is also a contributor to the BiggerPockets blog.

Top 3 Posts Written By Ben:

1. Case Study: How To Build Wealth With Rentals

2. Getting Rich With Real Estate

3. Is Real Estate Crowd Funding Right For You

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Chris Yates real estate expert
7. Chris Yates, Private Money Expert

Followers: 117,000

Chris Yates is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, private money expert and self-directed IRA junkie. He tweets about everything real estate.


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Chris Clothier real estate expert8. Chris Clothier, Real Estate Investment Expert, Author and Coach

Followers: 42,700

Chris Clothier is a real estate investment author and coach. He is the brains behind Memphis Invest, and has since helped hundreds of investors purchase over 2,300 properties in Memphis, Dallas and Houston.

Top 3 Posts Written By Chris:

1. Turnkey Investing 101: What to Avoid & How to Know if It’s Right for You

2. Real Estate Investors: Do You Exhibit These 5 Irrational Behaviors?

3. Three Real Estate Investing Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Earlier

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Shelly Roberson real estate expert
9. Shelly Roberson, Real Estate Expert and Investment Consultant

Shelly Roberson is a successful real estate professional who has closed over 600 transactions in The Peninsula and Silicon Valley areas. Her Twitter account is a goldmine of information related to virtually every element of the real estate industry, from rental investment strategies to financial planning.

Top 3 Posts Written By Shelly:

1. New California 2015 Real Estate Laws For 2015

2. How To Avoid The Big Housing Crunch Awaiting Many Baby Boomers

3. Paying Off Your Mortgage Might Not Be The Investment You Think It Is

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Mark Ferguson real estate expert10. Mark Ferguson, Realtor, Investor and Author

Followers: 3,914

Mark Ferguson is a successful investor that runs a 10 person real estate team that has sold over 200 homes each of the last two years. He fixes and flips 10-15 homes a year and currently owns 11 long-term rental investments. Mark tweets a TON of actionable real estate information.

Top 3 Posts Written By Mark:

1. How To Get A Loan On A Home That Needs Repairs

2. Real Estate Investing: Why Rental Properties Are The Best Choice

3. The Ultimate Guide To Flipping Houses In Any Market

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Mark Ferguson real estate expert11. Joe ManausaReal Estate Blogger, Broker and Investor

Joe Manausa is a nationally recognized real estate marketing expert with over 22 years helping clients manage large scale investment opportunities. Joe regularly tweets about real estate marketing and investment strategies. You’ll learn a lot by following this Twitter account 🙂

Top 2 Posts Written By Joe:

1. What Is A House Worth Today?

2. Do Fewer Listings Make It Easier To Buy A Home Right Now?

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Tracy Royce real estate expert12. Tracy Royce, Short Sale Realtor, Investor and Foreclosure Expert

Followers: 1,975

Tracy Royce is a distressed property expert specializing in the sale of foreclosed properties. Her Twitter account is ripe with actionable investment strategies applicable to even a minimum wage budget. Follow her RIGHT NOW!

Top 3 Posts Written By Tracy:

1. When does the sale actually happen in a short sale or foreclosure?

2. How To Stop Foreclosure In AZ: 10 Ways To Stop Foreclosure

3. Can You Do A Short Sale After Bankruptcy?

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Don Campbell real estate expert13. Don CampbellBest Selling Real Estate Author, Investor and Senior Market Analyst

Followers: 11, 400

Don R. Campbell is a best-selling real estate author, investor and analyst based in Canada. He tweets a lot about Candian real estate market conditions, but also provides a wealth of information related to investment strategies and market forecasts across North America.

Top 3 Posts Written By Don R. Campbell:

1. An $11,225 Invoice – Ouch. Big Avoidable Mistake

2. The 11 Do’s and Dont’s of Successful Real Estate Investors

3. 8 Steps To Successful Investing With Family and Friends

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Lynn Pineda real estate expert14. Lynn PinedaExpert Realtor

Followers: 1,508

Lynn Pineda is a successful realtor located in Coral Springs, Florida. She is very active on Twitter, curating a truck load of insightful information related to investment, marketing, industry trends and forecasts. Lynn also produces top rate content on her real estate blog.

Top 3 Posts Written By Lynn:

1. The One Thing Your Accountant Won’t Tell You

2. How To Cure 8 Symptoms Of An Expired Home Listing

3. What To Consider When Investing In Real Estate and The Big WHY

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Ilyce Glink real estate expert15. Ilyce GlinkAward-winning real estate & personal finance expert

Followers: 13,300

Ilyce Glink is one of the biggest names in the real estate industry. She is an award-winning real estate and personal finance expert who has contributed to Yahoo/ CBS News and is the owner of digital communications company, Think Glink Media.

Top 3 Posts Written By Ilyce:

1. How To Use Reverse Mortgage As An Investment

2. What To Expect From Housing In 2015 

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Andrew Fortune real estate expert16. Andrew Fortune, Expert Realtor

Followers: 1,883

I came across Andrew’s Twitter account a few months ago. He regularly posts some the most insightful and actionable housing and investment content out of anyone on this list. If you’re trying to build a short list of people to follow for ‘must-read’ real estate content, Andrew should be on that list. He also writes great content for buyers, seller and realtors on his blog.

Top 3 Posts Written By Andrew:

1. Is Your Tax Strategy Sabotaging Your Ability To Buy A Home?

2. 5 Signs Your Ready To Buy Your First House

3. How Well Does Your Listing Compete Online?

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Debbie Drummond real estate expert17. Debbie DrummondExpert Realtor

Followers: 2,431

Debbie Drummond is a successful realtor in Las Vegas. She regularly writes and tweets about the buying and selling of luxury real estate properties.

Top 2 Posts Written By Debbie Drummond:

1. Buying and Selling Luxury Real Estate In 2015

2. Things Every Seller Should Know About Today’s Home Buyers

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Kyle Hiscock real estate expert18. Kyle Hiscock, Real Estate Expert

Followers: 969

Kyle Hiscock is a real estate expert serving the Rochester, New York area. He is extremely active on social media, regularly tweeting about a range of topics from real estate investment to social media best practices. Always a great source of industry information. In fact, I just noticed that he too put together a nice list of “must-follow” real estate professionals here. Check it out if you’re looking for more people to follow 🙂

Top 3 Posts Written By Kyle:

1. Top Real Estate Blog Articles From 2014

2. Top 10 Real Estate Myths Debugged

3. 6 Ways To Buy A Home With Little Or No Money

Follow Kyle On Twitter >>

Karen Highland real estate expert
19. Chris and Karen Highland, Real Estate Expert

Followers: 1,702

Chris and Karen Highland are two of the leading realtors in Frederik, Maryland. They blog and tweet regularly about the local Maryland real estate market, but also share some great content for both home buyers and sellers.

Top 2 Posts Written By Chris and Karen:

1. Can I Use A Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing A New Home?

2. The Home Buying Process: A Roadmap

Follow Karen & Chris On Twitter >>

Sharon Vornholt real estate expert
20. Sharon Vornholt, Real Estate Expert, Author and Online Marketer

Followers: 4,871

Sharon Vornholt has been investing in real estate for 17 years. Sharon’s twitter account is loaded with information that can help anyone from any background get started in real estate investing. If this is an area you want to be involved in, I highly recommend following this account 🙂

Top 3 Posts Written By Sharon:

1. The Top 10 Traits Needed To Be Successful In Real Estate Investing

2. 7 Ways To Fund Your Deals

3. 3 Important Components Of A Marketing Plan For Your REI Business

Follow Sharon On Twitter >>

Ali Boone real estate expert21. Ali Boone, Engineer Turned Real Estate Investment Rockstar

Followers: 1,129

Al Boone is the founder of the popular Hipster Investments website, providing educational resources to aspiring real estate investors. The Hipster Investments Twitter account is full of content related to investment strategy and lifestyle design.

Top 3 Posts Written By Ali:

1. Single Family Vs. Multi-Family: Which Is The Best Investment?

2. Snowboarding Is Just Like Real Estate Investing: Here’s How.

3. Three Types Of Paralyzed Real Estate Investors (And How To Overcome Inaction)

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Teresa Cowart real estate expert22. Teresa Cowart, 

Followers: 2,053

Teresa Cowart is one of Georgia’s top full-service realtors. I only recently came across her Twitter account, but it is jam packed with great advice for both prospective home buyers and sellers.

Top 3 Posts Written By Teresa:

1. How To Best Prepare Your Home For Millennial Buyers

2. Mortgage Options For Home Buyers

3. Is A Short Sale Right For You?

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Chris McLaughlin real estate expert23. Chris McLaughlin, Serial Entrepreneur, Lawyer and Owner Of 4 Real Estate Offices

Followers: 142,000

Chris McLaughlin is one of the biggest names in the industry. He is a renowned investment expert and owns 4 real estate offices with 600+ agents. He regularly blogs about smart investment strategies. His twitter feed is full of information related to real estate law, investment, marketing and general market conditions. A must follow!

Top 2 Posts Written By Chris:

1. Short Sale Tax Break Expiration Could Slam Could Slam 170K With Massive Tax Bills

2. Short Sales In US Fall To Pre-2006 Recession Levels

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Joe Stampone real estate expert24. Joe Stampone, Entrepreneur and Investor

Followers: 3,851

Joe Stampone is a young real estate investor sharing the ups and downs every step of the way. Joe does a great job at taking you behind the scenes of his investment business, exposing you to what works and fails. The title of this blog “A Student Of The Real Estate Game” says it all. Very transparent, which I love!

Top 2 Posts Written By Joe:

1. 68 Challenges Of Starting And Growing A Real Estate Investment Firm. And Counting. 

2. The Psychology Behind Selling Real Estate

Follow Joe On Twitter >>

Marco Santarelli real estate expert25. Marco Santarelli, Investor, Author and Founder of Norada Real Estate Investments

Followers: 120,000

Marco Santarelli is a premier real estate investment expert. His company structures complete turn-key real estate investments, helping investors minimize risk and maximize profitability. If you’re looking for an endless stream of actionable investment information, you can’t look past this Twitter handle. Top 5 for sure 🙂

Top Post Written By Marco:

1. Capturing The Current Cash Flow Window

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Sherry Chris real estate expert26. Sherry Chris, President and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Followers: 20,000

Sherry Chris is the mastermind behind the lifestyle real estate brand, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. She tweets about the next generation of agents, brokers and consumers. A refreshing look at the world of real estate. You’ll always find a unique perspective or three in this Twitter feed 🙂

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Maya Paveza real estate expert27. Maya Paveza, Real Estate Broker, Coach and Marketing Strategist.

Followers: 30,000

Maya Paveza is a senior level social/digital media consultant specializing in the real estate industry. She has contributed to large publications such as, Social Media Today and RE Technology Inc. Her tweets cover industry trends/news and marketing strategy.

Top Post Written By Maya: 

1. 7 “No BS” Real Estate Investment Tips 🙂

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Marko Rubel real estate expert28. Marko Rubel, Industry Recognized Investment Expert

Followers: 24,500

Marko Rubel is an investment expert who masterminded ProfitGrabber and Short Sale Excelerator, both investor software solutions. He also blogs regularly at

Top 2 Posts Written By Marko: 

1.Market RIGHT! To The Sellers That Are Dealing With Foreclosure

2. Where To Find Money For Real Estate Investing

Follow Marko On Twitter >>

Laura Monroe real estate expert29. Laura Monroe, Director for Industry Engagement and Social Media at Inman News

Followers: 12,600

Laura Monroe is a contributing editor for one of the largest real estate publications on the planet. She tweets about tech, startups, investment strategy, marketing and real estate trends. A great source of everything real estate.

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There you have it – 29 real estate experts you should be following on Twitter. If these were the only 29 accounts you followed on Twitter, you’d never miss a beat when it comes to real estate investment, trends, marketing and forecasting.
Check out the Twitter accounts and let me know if there are anyone other experts you think should be added to the list.
Also, if you enjoyed the post, please share it on social media 🙂