Move-out Information

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Move-out Requirements and Cleaning Checklist

To help you get your full security deposit back, here is a list of things to take care of:

  • WRITTEN NOTICE: If you haven’t given your 30 day written notice, please do so via your tenant portal or by emailing
  • REPAIR AND REPLACE: Perform or arrange repairs and replace items that are on the attached “Move Out Checklist”. (Anything not repaired or replaced may result in a charge.)
  • CLEAN: complete every line item on the attached “Cleaning Checklist” as you clean.
  • FORWARDING ADDRESS: Provide a forwarding address where we can mail your deposit return. We will send your deposit return to your forwarding address within 30 days of receiving your keys. Submit the address through your tenant portal or by emailing
  • UTILITIES: Have the utilities taken out of your name and put into the name of Jacob Grant PM effective the day after your move out date. Unless this is an early termination then you are responsible until the unit is re-rented.
  • KEYS: Once you are out and done, RETURN keys and a signed cleaning checklist to your nearest Jacob Grant Office (leave garage door openers in a kitchen drawer). If keys are not returned to our office on or before your move out date you will be charged rent for the additional days and a $50 non-returned key fee.

Our Locations:

  • Idaho Falls Office – 490 Park Ave, Ste 1
  • Pocatello Office – 1175 Call Creek Dr, Ste 100
  • Eastridge Office – 1378 Curlew Dr, Ste 135

Move Out Before End of Lease Term

Situations often change and plans must be changed. Jacob Grant has options prepared so you can reduce the expense of breaking your lease and moving out early. Learn more >>. Download our Early Move Out Options here.

Security Deposit Return

Getting your security deposit refund begins at the beginning of your lease. All terms of the lease must be followed including giving at least 30 days of written notice. Here are some more helpful hints:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to move.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to clean. Moving is stressful. Thought of hiring someone to clean when you are moved? Hiring and organizing your own housekeeper can save you $$$.
  • Read your lease to remind you of all hourly cleaning and repair rates.

Move-out Frequently Asked Questions

How do I end my lease?

Follow full terms of your lease. Give 30 days written notice through your online portal.
How do I find out how much my security deposit was?
Go to your online portal to find a copy of your lease.
What do I do with my keys after I move out?
After you’re all moved out and the property is clean, label the keys and deliver them to the office. This is when your move out is considered to be complete.
How do I get my full deposit back?
Follow full terms of your lease. 1. Give yourself plenty of time for cleaning or hire a housekeeper. 2. Replace all light bulbs that are not working. 3. Do not leave any damage that is beyond normal wear and tear.
How can I terminate my lease early?

Situations often change and plans must be changed. Jacob Grant has options prepared so you can reduce the expense of breaking your lease and moving out early. Learn more >>. Download our Early Move Out Options here.

I have moved out. When can I expect to get my deposit back?
Your move out is considered complete when your labeled keys are delivered to our office. You will receive a full accounting along with an itemized summary of any charges if there are any within 30 days of the day your keys are delivered.
How do I dispute any charges against my security deposit?
Remember Jacob Grant is not the owner. They do not keep the money if there are security deposit claims. If there is a security deposit claim the money goes to the owner of the property. The goal is to follow the lease and to be fair to the owner of the property and the renter of the property. If you believe that there are errors on the security deposit please download and complete the dispute form and submit it to At that time, there will be a review process and you can expect to hear back in writing within 2 weeks.
What are the most common items tenants miss and get charged for?
Light bulbs, blinds, drip pans on the oven, door stoppers, smoke alarm batteries, window screens, trash removal, pet smell/damage, towel bars, and toilet paper holder.
When can I expect my security deposit or bill?
We will send it to your forwarding address within 30 days after receiving keys from you. If we do not receive a forwarding address your security deposit will be forfeited.
How much should I clean or what if the apartment was dirty when I moved in?
To ensure you get your security deposit returned you will have to do EVERY item on the Cleaning Checklist THANKS & GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MOVE!

Read Our Success Stories

"I've worked with Jacob Grant property management for several years now and they have been a great partner. They think of the things that I don't have time to think of. They come to me when we need to make bigger investments in my property, but most of the time, they just handle the issues that come up. Their team is proactive with their communication and if I reach out, they are responsive to my inquiries. I strongly recommend Jacob Grant for anyone looking for a good property manager." - Mark A.

"Jacob Grant representatives have always been very prompt and courteous in all my dealings with them. Most recently Jorge has gone above and beyond." - Ryan A.

"I've had a great experience investing through Jacob Grant. I get regular updates on how things are going that are complete and thorough. They are looking at the long term through their expertise. I've been investing with them for around 5 years now." - Brian D.

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