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Your Cash Flow Statement: It’s Money In Motion

The words cash flow statement don’t exactly perk one up do they? No one wants to watch a movie called, Me ‘N my Cash Flow Statement. Hang in there. If you’ve had it with wondering where your money goes every month this might interest you. A cash flow statement tells you where the money is […]

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How’s Your Personal Balance Sheet? What’s That?

What’s a balance sheet? Isn’t that something businesses worry about? I don’t have a business – yeah you do, it’s called your life. Just like any business you need to know what assets and debts you have and what you’re worth. A balance sheet is the tool for that. It’s a simple tool to let […]

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What’s The Best Flooring Surface For Your Property?

Do you have a rental property that’s in need of new flooring surfaces? Because we’re in the property management industry, frequently we’re asked what the best replacement flooring surface is. Our maintenance and renovation people like a product called Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) but there are other options like solid hardwood, carpet, tile and sheet […]

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Rental Property Damage Prevention: Five Steps to Attracting Quality Renters and Maintaining Investment Property Value

Have you had problems with tenant damage to your investment properties? Since Jacobgrant has been in the property management industry for many years we’re going to share some solutions for tenant property damage. Carefully screen your tenants for the following red flags in their rental history. Has the potential tenant previously damaged properties that they […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Credit Report and a Credit Score?

Aren’t Credit Reports and Credit Scores the Same Thing? If Not, What Are They and What Are They Used For? We’re going to tease out the difference between a credit report and a credit score. After the differences are down pat, we’ll go into credit reports. I want you to know who uses your credit […]

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