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exhaust fans protect your investment

Exhaust Fans Protect Your Investment

Paying extra for an exhaust fan in a bathroom may seem like an unneeded expense. But, the costs of not having one can be much higher. With winter coming tenants are going to be less likely to open a window and allow airflow in the bathroom. In addition, the cold air this winter is going […]

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Best Refrigerators For ROI

Best Refrigerators for ROI

Think about this when you look for a fridge for your rental. A refrigerator is an insulated box with a mechanism to cool its interior. Everything beyond that concept is attractive packaging and something that can cost money to fix. Buy the best refrigerators for your ROI. Form Vs. Function Refrigerators are a prestige item. […]

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Do less - make more

Do Less – Make More

If you have rental property investments, why do you try to manage and fix them yourself? You have a property manager don’t you? Why are you micro managing your properties when you could do less and make more? Do You Want An Investment Or A Second Job? Is it worth it to spend your time […]

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Don't do it yourself

Don’t Do It Yourself.

When you work with a property manager, the buck stops with you, the investor, however, the primary responsible party is the property manager. You’re paying for a service. Don’t do it yourself. Who’s On First? The investor is the wholesaler. The property manager acts as a broker and mediator. The tenant is the customer. You […]

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Invest in your ROI

Invest In Your ROI Now

The rental market is going great right now. Demand is high in eastern Idaho and as a result rents are up as they are across the nation. According to rentdata.com, fair market rents are high in eastern Idaho compared with 76% of the nation. Invest in your ROI Now. Things are great for rental investors […]

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