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Invest in your ROI

Invest In Your ROI Now

The rental market is going great right now. Demand is high in eastern Idaho and as a result rents are up as they are across the nation. According to rentdata.com, fair market rents are high in eastern Idaho compared with 76% of the nation. Invest in your ROI Now. Things are great for rental investors […]

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Rental maintenance is good for ROI

Rental Maintenance is Good for ROI

Wouldn’t life be grand if one could make a people proof rental? What would that be? Instead of that Rental maintenance is good for your ROI. The people proof rental. If you’re going to dream, dream big. Let’s start from the bottom. How about stained concrete floors? Move to the walls which would be poured […]

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Millenials rent and why you should care.

Millenials and Rental ROI

Millennials rent and why you should care. Every generation since the boomers will say they got the short end of the stick. For each generation it’s true to an extent. The millennials really did seem to get off to a bad start. The outcome for many is that they can’t afford to buy a home. […]

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Large Service Dog

Assistance Animals in Rentals

People argue for and against pets. Service animals in rentals are entirely different. The issue has been confusing in the past. Definitions of what is a, service, emotional support, assistance, or therapy animal have been confusing. In January of this year (2020) the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued revised guidelines to assist […]

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Increase ROI With Pets

Can animals in your rental increase your ROI instead of damaging it? Are unsupervised pets any worse than bad tenants without pets? Increasing ROI With Pets Are pets good for ROI? They can be an expensive value added option to your rentals. They can cause a large amount of damage to your rental property, but […]

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