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This is an area of our website dedicated to providing value for real estate investors through education.  You will find different segments to suit you depending on what you want to learn.  You will receive 4 daily articles that show you how to improve your real estate portfolio performance.
In addition, you will receive access to tools that help you measure the success of your real estate portfolio along with setting measurable goals to increase returns in your real estate portfolio.

Learn to Leverage Real Estate Investments

Learn How to Increase ROI with Leverage [4 Page Series]

In this series you will learn about how to make yourself appealing to financial institutions, how to measure leverage, and how to determine the precise increase or decrease in ROI from the leverage using a leverage calculator. The last link provides you access to the leverage calculator.

#1. Financial Institutions

Understanding financial institutions is the first step to leveraging the bank’s vault to increase capital. Financial institutions lend money with the least amount of risk possible. The more their perceived risk, the higher the return they require.
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#2. Measuring Leverage

There are two reasons real estate investor’s borrow money to buy real estate: 1. they don’t have enough money to buy the real estate outright or 2. they want to improve Return on Investment (ROI). This article will demonstrate how to measure the leverage.
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#3. Positive Vs Negative

The first step to measure leverage is to set a baseline. The baseline is the ROI on the property when there is no leverage. This is called the Free and Clear Rate of Return (FCRR).
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#4. Leverage Calculator

This calculator will show you how your leverage is affecting your 1 year ROI. If your Leverage Gap is positive, you are in a positive leverage position or leverage is reducing ROI. If Leverage Gap is negative, you are in a negative leverage position or leverage is decreasing potential ROI.
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