Increasing Cash Flow on Idaho Falls Investment Properties

Your rental property is a business.

Any smart business owner strives to earn more while spending less. At Jacob Grant Property Management, we help Idaho Falls rental property owners do exactly that. With a strategic approach to leasing, managing, and maintaining your investment, we’re able to help you earn more money every month.

Higher rents. Preventative maintenance. Long-term tenants. All of these things help you enjoy a stable, profitable investment experience. We’ll show you how to do it.

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Increase What Your Idaho Falls Investment Property Can Earn
Jacob Grant is your Secret Weapon

Understanding Rental Values

Are you charging enough rent? All over the country, rental values have gone up and you need to make sure you’re pricing your property correctly. Otherwise, you’re simply leaving money on the table, and you’ll struggle to catch up with market rents.

We have reliable data and comparable rental values that will help us price your property competitively and profitably.

Cost-Effective Maintenance Plans

Maintenance is not always cheap. And it shouldn’t be – we’re talking about protecting the condition and value of your investment.

Avoiding repair costs is impossible, but there are ways to manage them. We focus on preventative maintenance, to reduce those expensive emergencies and leave more money in your account at the end of every month.

Increase your Tenant Retention

When there’s less vacancy and fewer turnover costs, you’re earning more money. Retaining tenants is one of the best ways to increase your cash flow. Rental income stays consistent, and the cost of repainting and re-marketing are eliminated.

We retain your tenants with responsive relationships, consistent policies, and a customer service mindset that keeps them in place.

Here’s How Your Idaho Falls Investment Property Can Earn More

Evaluate the Market

Let’s make sure your rental price reflects the property you have to offer and the current market conditions. If it’s renewal time, let’s increase rent responsibly and give you more money in your pocket.


Property Inspections

We will keep an eye on all the systems, functions, and appliances in your rental property, ensuring there aren’t any deferred or unreported maintenance problems that only cost more.

Serving Tenants

Your rental property is a business. Successful businesses are committed to building loyal customers. Jacob Grant is committed to improving the customer experience for your tenants.

Invest in Idaho Falls and Enjoy Consistent Cash Flow

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Call for More Information on How to Increase your Cash Flow

We can share some specific recommendations for how to earn more and spend less on your Idaho Falls investment property. Don’t fall short of your potential!

Earn More - Don’t Spend More

Some of the best ways to increase your rental value are actually pretty simple. When you’re working with professional property managers who understand the local Idaho Falls rental market, you can leverage all the resources and best practices that come with that experience. 

Jacob Grant Property Management can show you the way to more cash flow and better investment outcomes. Our insights into the Idaho Falls rental market are exactly what you need to earn more.

Increase earnings by:

  • Allowing pets
  • Retaining tenants
  • Making cost-effective upgrades
  • Providing exceptional customer service

Reduce expenses with:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Shorter vacancies
  • Risk management
  • Expert property management

Read Our Success Stories

"I've worked with Jacob Grant property management for several years now and they have been a great partner. They think of the things that I don't have time to think of. They come to me when we need to make bigger investments in my property, but most of the time, they just handle the issues that come up. Their team is proactive with their communication and if I reach out, they are responsive to my inquiries. I strongly recommend Jacob Grant for anyone looking for a good property manager." - Mark A.

"Jacob Grant representatives have always been very prompt and courteous in all my dealings with them. Most recently Jorge has gone above and beyond." - Ryan A.

"I've had a great experience investing through Jacob Grant. I get regular updates on how things are going that are complete and thorough. They are looking at the long term through their expertise. I've been investing with them for around 5 years now." - Brian D.

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