How Much Rent Should You Charge for Your Idaho Falls Investment Property?

How much is your rental property worth?

More than you think, maybe. The amount of rent you can charge depends on a number of factors. It also depends on the current market and the strength of your competition. You can likely charge more in rent today than you could a year ago. That’s good news.

At Jacob Grant, we love working with owners who aren’t sure where they should set their rental value. Our data and our deep market knowledge helps us price your rental home for maximum profitability.

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Providing Accurate Idaho Falls Rental Values
Where does your property fit in?

Rental Property Location

It’s all about location. You don’t have to be an experienced real estate investor to know the importance of location when it comes to properties and pricing. Well-located homes will always rent for more.

Tenants want to be close to school and entertainment and shopping and dining. When your property is in the right neighborhood, your rental price goes up.

Rental Market Strength

The strength of the rental market will always dictate the high and low ends of your rental range.

This is where a property management partnership with Jacob Grant really pays off.

We study the market daily and we know what tenants are willing to pay. We understand what your property is worth and how to increase its value.

Rental Market Competition

What about the other properties on the Idaho Falls rental market?

We study those, too.

We know how your rental home stands out, and that helps us to market to the tenants who are likely to be attracted to your property. We stay ahead of every market trend, giving you an accurate and profitable rental price.

We Can’t Control the Market, but we Can Control Your Property Condition

Property Condition

Would you rather live in a well-maintained property or one that’s deteriorating quickly? Our preventative maintenance and attention to landscaping and pest control keep your rental values high.


Upgrades & Updates

This is your opportunity to raise the rental value of your property. Cost-effective upgrades and updates will not only help you earn more – you’ll also attract better tenants in a shorter amount of time.

Providing Value

Tenants are smarter than ever. We make sure they understand the value they’re getting for the rent they’re paying. Our marketing and showing process is targeted to sharing the strengths and benefits of your property.

Invest in Idaho Falls for Consistent Rental Income

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Call for More Information on How to Price your Property

We have the most accurate data to price your property. Don’t rely on random internet rents. Leverage the information we collect directly from the Idaho Falls rental market every day.

How to Find the Right Rental Value

Sometimes, owners have an idea of what they need to earn. They want to cover their mortgage payments or their expenses. We get it. There are costs associated with investment properties.

Our job is to help you meet those financial goals while protecting you from the danger of overpricing your property. We won’t let you do that and we won’t let you underprice it, either. Rely on our statistics and our expertise to land on a competitive and profitable rental value when you’re ready to lease your property.

Jacob Grant Property Management will:

  • Evaluate the current market
  • Recommend updates and upgrades to raise your rental value
  • Track the response to marketing and showing efforts, adjusting the price when necessary

Why it matters:

  • Higher rental values
  • Shorter vacancies
  • Better tenants

Read Our Success Stories

"I've worked with Jacob Grant property management for several years now and they have been a great partner. They think of the things that I don't have time to think of. They come to me when we need to make bigger investments in my property, but most of the time, they just handle the issues that come up. Their team is proactive with their communication and if I reach out, they are responsive to my inquiries. I strongly recommend Jacob Grant for anyone looking for a good property manager." - Mark A.

"Jacob Grant representatives have always been very prompt and courteous in all my dealings with them. Most recently Jorge has gone above and beyond." - Ryan A.

"I've had a great experience investing through Jacob Grant. I get regular updates on how things are going that are complete and thorough. They are looking at the long term through their expertise. I've been investing with them for around 5 years now." - Brian D.

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