Attracting and Screening the Best Idaho Falls Tenants

Do you treat your tenants like customers?

We do. Our tenant relationships lead to better outcomes for our investors. So we take the time to identify and attract the most qualified renters in Idaho Falls. With a strategic marketing plan, rigorous screening process, and dedication to customer service, we’re able to place reliable, responsible residents in your rental home.

Better tenants bring you consistent cash flow. They help us maintain your property. They renew their lease agreements and communicate well. We can help you find them.

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Why Risk a Bad Tenant? 
Jacob Grant Can Find and Place the Best Idaho Falls Residents

Marketing to Prospective Tenants

Marketing plans that appeal to a large pool of tenants. The listing we designed will showcase professional-level photos, concise and engaging descriptions, and relevant information such as rental amount and whether pets are allowed.

We place ads on all the popular rental websites that tenants are using. More importantly, we feature your property on our own website.

Showing Idaho Falls Homes

We’re responsive and proactive during the showing process. Prospective tenants get to see everything your home has to offer, and we’re able to conduct a bit of pre-screening by asking questions about why they’re moving and what they’re looking for.

Our team remains available and accessible to answer any questions a potential resident may have.

Collecting Rental Applications

We use online applications for ease, convenience, and efficiency. Innovative technology allows us to collect all relevant information from applicants as well as permission to conduct background and reference checks.

Every applicant 18 years and older must complete an application and submit supporting documentation as well as an application fee.

How Our Idaho Falls Tenant Screening Process Works

Verifying Income

We want to make sure your tenants can afford the rent – and pay it on time – every month. We look for income that can support the rent and cover their other expenses.

Credit + Criminal

Our background check is conducted to ensure we’re placing tenants who are good, safe neighbors. Credit checks include prior evictions and unpaid housing bills.

Rental History

It helps us to know how prospective tenants have performed in the past. We look for evidence they’ve paid rent on time, followed the lease agreement, and maintained rental homes.

Invest in Idaho Falls and Enjoy a Reliable Tenant Pool

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We can help you find a tenant, screen a tenant, and get a tenant moved into your Idaho Falls property. Don’t make the mistake of choosing an unqualified renter. We can do better.

Let’s Talk about the Perfect Tenant

Who is your perfect tenant? We can tell you that, based on our years of experience as Idaho Falls property managers. The right tenant pays rent on time, takes care of your home, follows the terms of the lease agreement, and understands the importance of working together towards a positive rental experience.

Jacob Grant Property Management can provide you with an easier and more reliable tenant placement process. Our insights into Idaho Falls tenants are exactly what you need to get the most out of your investment.

The best marketing:

  • High-quality photos
  • Informative descriptions
  • Syndicated listings
  • Effective pricing
  • Responsive showings

Fair housing – compliant screening:

  • Credit checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Rental history
  • Employment and income verification

Read Our Success Stories

"I've worked with Jacob Grant property management for several years now and they have been a great partner. They think of the things that I don't have time to think of. They come to me when we need to make bigger investments in my property, but most of the time, they just handle the issues that come up. Their team is proactive with their communication and if I reach out, they are responsive to my inquiries. I strongly recommend Jacob Grant for anyone looking for a good property manager." - Mark A.

"Jacob Grant representatives have always been very prompt and courteous in all my dealings with them. Most recently Jorge has gone above and beyond." - Ryan A.

"I've had a great experience investing through Jacob Grant. I get regular updates on how things are going that are complete and thorough. They are looking at the long term through their expertise. I've been investing with them for around 5 years now." - Brian D.

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