When you rent a home or apartment from Jacob Grant Property Management, you are our customer and we want you to know it.  We want you to know it from when you make the first phone call requesting information about a home or apartment rental to when you open the envelope with your security deposit refund after you move out.


Finding the Right Home or Apartment Rental for You

A simple application process means moving in to your next dream home! Do you want to schedule an after hours or weekend showing?  Almost all of our home and apartment rental listings have pictures and video available for you to view. These virtual rental tours save you time and money driving from rental property to rental property.  To schedule a physical tour, go to the property page and fill out the “Schedule Property Tour” button.  Start here.

Apply for Your Home Rental Now

To apply: click on rental listings >> property page >> apply now

Learn about application guidelines

Contact us to schedule a showing or to answer additional questions


Lease Signing

After your rental application is accepted, the lease signing will be scheduled. At the lease signing, you will receive all of the information you will need while you live in your rental home or apartment. You will receive information on everything from utility information to regular inspections to security deposit refunds when you move out of your rental. This is the time that you will bring in your move-in payment. Payment includes security deposit, pro-rated rent and any other fees that have been disclosed to you. Please read a sample lease.

Pay Rent

Online Rental Payment

Paying rent online is easy and FREE with a checking account. You will need your account number and routing number. Pay Rent Free >> There is a small fee, but you can also pay rent with a credit card or a debit card. The small fee definitely outweighs late fees and lease violations. Pay with Credit Card >>


Make A Request

Our priority is good customer service to our residents. Our “make a request section” makes it easy for you to:

make a work order request for your rental home or apartment
request information regarding your lease
make an information request
give written notification of move out
Make a Request >>

Move Out

Stop!!! Do You Really Want To Move Out???

Do you really want to spend all of that money it takes to move to a new rental?
Do you really want the headache that goes along with packing, cleaning, and changing your home address?
You certainly won’t find better customer service any where in Idaho Falls 🙂

How Can We Help You Make the Decision to Stay?

Have you asked if there are any lease incentives available?
Are there any updates to the property that would motivate you to stay? Updates to rental property makes your house or apartment feel more like home.
If you are moving out of town or just need to find a different place…

Move out procedures >>

Security Deposits

Security Deposit Refund

When you get your security deposit refunded everyone wins. We are highly motivated to help you get your security deposit back after you move out of your rental home. A security deposit refund begins at the lease signing. Follow these steps for your refund:

  • Request move-in inspection information log on your rental property. If items are missing, send a written letter noting all of the missing items to Date and copy letter for your records.
  • Follow all house rules and lease terms. Breaking house rules or terms outlined on the lease are grounds to lose security deposit in its entirety.
  • Give at least 30 days written notice of move out of your rental home.
  • Refer back to the inspection sheet. Return rental property to the same condition as when the lease was signed.

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