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6 Fair Housing Violations Every Landlord Should Know and Understand

Whether you’re a new landlord, or professional property manager, knowing and understanding Federal, State and local Fair Housing laws is critical. A small violation of one of these laws could wind you up in court, or even worse, ruin your business. So, we’ve put together a list of common areas where landlords and property managers […]

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Choosing a Property Management Company: Fees to Know and Questions to Ask

The question that every property investor must ask themselves: “Should I manage my investment properties or outsource to a property management company?” The answer to this question depends primarily on preference, proximity and capacity. Many people with smaller property portfolios and more time on their hands will decide to save money and handle the daily […]

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Buying Property and Becoming A Landlord: What you need to know.

The dream of every aspiring landlord: build a multi-property investment portfolio and retire on a passive monthly income stream. Sounds nice, right? But, a successful property portfolio brings great responsibility. Many prospective landlords fail to recognize the commitment that is involved when it comes to owning and managing rental properties. So, we have made a […]

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How To Market Your Property Investments

Property owners can use a number of marketing techniques to draw traffic to their rental investment, and subsequently reduce vacancy time, and increase ROI. Below I have listed several proven cost-effective techniques that will generate quality exposure for your rental properties. 1. Website. This is a big one, especially for those investors, or property managers […]

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