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Top real estate blogs to follow in 2014

Top 89 Real Estate Blogs To Follow In 2014

If you’re anything like us – looking for ways to save time, become smarter real estate investors, uncover proven marketing strategies, and stay on track with industry news and trends – you need a quality reading list. Thanks to the abundance of blogs popping up all over the internet, finding quality (actionable) information is becoming very challenging. […]

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New Craigslist Rules Hurt Real Estate Ad Listings

Thanks to recent rule changes to Craigslist’s “housing” and “for sale” sections, property owners are no longer able to post enhanced listings.  This is big news as many landlords and property managers rely on enhanced listings to generate tenant leads. What changed? The recent changes may seem minor, but they have had a big impact […]

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Starting an LLC separate business entity can reduce risk for real estate investors

Holding commercial or residential real estate property includes assumed risk that must be managed effectively. Landlords can be subjected to many forms of litigation, ranging from personal injury to environmental contamination. Not to mention the inherent financial risk that comes with any form of investment (financial risk exposure typically remains the same with the exception of “non-recourse” loans).  As […]

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