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Mobile apps for landlords

5 Mobile Apps Every Landlord Needs Right Now

Advances in technology have done great things for renters and homebuyers. Easy, instant access to custom maps and local pricing have made it easier than ever to find a new place without searching endlessly on foot or with vague classified ads. However, these advantages don’t only exist for tenants – mobile technology and applications can help […]

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Money saving tips for first-time home buyers infographic

[Infographic]: Money-Saving Checklist for First-Time Home Buyers

Did you know that saving a half a percentage point could save you $23,000 over a 30 year fixed mortgage? Buying a home is probably the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make. For many first-time home buyers it is a time filled with excitement and plenty of headaches. Finding the right property can take months and […]

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How To Build A Successful Real Estate Marketing Plan

Marketing; the “Magic Button” for Your Business​Do you know what the number one reason is that real estate investors fail? The answer is marketing. They don’t understand how to properly market their real estate business, and even fewer of those same folks put together even a simple marketing plan. How would you like to change […]

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Top 29 Real Estate Experts To Follow On Twitter 2015

Top 29 Real Estate Experts To Follow On Twitter In 2015

The real estate industry has changed considerably in recent years with the rapid growth of social media. Leading publications and industry experts are now leveraging these channels to distribute content that was previously buried in expensive books and training courses. Today, people in all sectors of the industry – investors, agents, property managers, brokers, mortgage […]

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