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Do you care about the ROI of my property investment?

The reason we’re in business is to, first, protect, and then increase your ROI. We make our living based on your ROI, and your quality long-term investment experience. As a result, your passive ROI experience has to be at the forefront of everything we do. Increasing ROI is our calling card, and the reason we […]

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Monitored Rental Properties Maximize ROI

All investments must be monitored for maximum ROI Investments have to be monitored to keep up your ROI . The question isn’t whether or not your investments need to be looked after. The question lies in who looks after them. Some people feel it necessary to keep a constant watch on their investments. They’re investing […]

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Transparency With Technology Builds Trust in Property Management

Last week I dropped a few words about screening tenants and how it affects the bottom line on your properties. It’s obvious that you want to get good tenants, but once you have them it’s a bit short sighted to think that’s all there is to keeping a property at it’s highest level of profitability. […]

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How to Screen Potential Tenants Like a Pro

Property management is what we do and we have learned that tenant screening, or what some might call a tenant background check, is a crucial step in the process of filling rental vacancies. Truthfully, it’s our number one tool in preventing bad tenants. Tenant screening prevents losses of ROI (Return On Investment) due to problems […]

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What the Streamlined COVID-19 Application Looks Like

Most of the time the best way to find the truth is to go to the source. I went to the streamlined EIDL application and gave it some generic information so I could get you images of what the form looked like. I couldn’t go past the 4th page because it required assurances that the […]

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