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We work to prevent vacancy

Prevent rental property vacancy

You have to prevent rental property vacancy. Without tenants in your property there is no monthly ROI at all. Tenants provide the income for your rental property. Without tenants there is only an increase in value of your property. That isn’t enough to make it worthwhile. A property that rents for $1000 a month loses […]

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Rental tax deductions help your ROI

Rental properties offer tax deductions that other investments don’t. Rental tax deductions help your ROI. However, they still offer monthly income and increased value over time. Before we dig into the tax savings let’s consider what kind of a rental property owner your are. Real Estate Professional vs. Passive Investor Are you a “real estate […]

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The Hidden Benefit of Rental Depreciation

The frequent complaint made about rental properties is that they cost so much to maintain. However, anything used will need maintenance. The high side is that the IRS is aware of this also. This is the hidden benefit of rental depreciation. Did you ever think you could appreciate the IRS? You can now. You can […]

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Signing lease agreement.

Lease Violation and Damage Discovery

A fair question of any worthwhile property management firm is what measures they take to follow through on lease violations and how they hold tenants responsible for damages. At jacobgrant, our first priority is the ROI on your investment property. By preventing loses with a definitive lease, and holding tenants responsible for their actions, we […]

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Property Management Inspections

Preventative Inspections With a Covid Twist

One of the most effective ways Rexburg property managers improve passive returns is by providing preventative interior inspections of each rental unit on a regular basis.  With the recent COVID pandemic and Idaho stay at home orders, inspections have become difficult.  Property management firms have been ordered to provide only necessary repairs related to health […]

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