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How to be a successful landlord

How to be a successful landlord: 20 must-know tips [Infographic]

Do you dream of owning rental property and being a successful landlord? Perhaps multiple investment properties from which you can establish streams of passive monthly income and set your own cushy schedule? Living the life, right? Not exactly… Being a successful landlord comes with a lot of demands – creating lease agreements, screening quality tenants, […]

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Mobile apps for landlords

5 Mobile Apps Every Landlord Needs Right Now

Advances in technology have done great things for renters and homebuyers. Easy, instant access to custom maps and local pricing have made it easier than ever to find a new place without searching endlessly on foot or with vague classified ads. However, these advantages don’t only exist for tenants – mobile technology and applications can help […]

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How To Build A Successful Real Estate Marketing Plan

Marketing; the “Magic Button” for Your Business​Do you know what the number one reason is that real estate investors fail? The answer is marketing. They don’t understand how to properly market their real estate business, and even fewer of those same folks put together even a simple marketing plan. How would you like to change […]

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Best real estate blogs of 2015

65 Best Real Estate Blogs Of 2015 (By Category)

If you’re anything like us – want to be better informed, become a smarter investor and learn how to successfully market your properties – you need a quality reading list. A go-to-resource of expert advice covering a range of real estate topics from a variety of different angles. Often, finding this information involves weeding your way through […]

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