Top 10 Reasons Investors Choose Jacob Grant

Financial Goals

1.  Management is Built Around Your Financial Goals Whether you invested in real estate to earn money for kids’ college, retirement, or financial freedom, you invested to meet a goal.  Jacob Grant manages your property according to your financial goals.


Tenant Screening Process

2.  Quality Tenant Placement A high quality tenant is the single most important ingredient in meeting financial goals with your real estate investment.  Our screening process was built with your financial goals in mind.



Rental Property Marketing

3.  Targeted Marketing Marketing targets the new Millennial prospective tenant as part of a vacancy reduction plan.  Highly qualified Millennials value TIME.  They are looking for properties on high quality internet sites and not in newspapers.


Rental Property Marketing

4.  Virtual Tour Virtual tours are also part of our vacancy reduction plan.  A virtual tour gives prospective tenants a first hand “what you see is what you get” experience of the property.  Renting to tenants out of state, and renting occupied properties are just two of the ways virtual tours reduce vacancy.


Risk Management

5.  Risk Management Plan Risk management protects your financial goals.  Vendor liability insurance, proof of workers compensation, required renter’s insurance, and Fair Housing policy reduce your risk of liability.



Risk Management

6.  Professional Affiliations We are licensed members with IREM and NARPM.  We have the only Certified Property Manager (CPM) on staff in Idaho Falls.  A commitment to ethics, professionalism and education makes meeting your property goals possible.


Preventative Maintenance

7.  Preventative Maintenance Program Each property has a unique preventative maintenance program depending on property and owner needs.  This reduces surprise repairs and deferred maintenance.  Again, quality prevention helps owners meet financial goals.


Trust Accounting

8.  Clear Accounting Report Monthly ledger report shows you exactly what came in and out of your account.  Very simple quarterly budget vs. actual report gives you and your property manager feedback and renewed focus on property/portfolio performance.  This report provides feedback and accountability to Jacob Grant staff according to the financial goals.


Tenant Management

9.  Tenant Management We recognize the tenant as the pathway to meeting your financial goals.  Jacob Grant assists in this process by maximizing accountability for lease requirements while creating customer service conditions that attracts and retain high quality tenants.


Real Estate Investors

10.  Founders are Real Estate Investors The company was founded on meeting real estate investor’s financial goals.  Policies, systems and training were built, continually improved and target the central of focus of meeting owner’s goals.

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