Success Stories

Creating Revenue in Unexpected Ways

  • • 84-unit community


When we manage your properties, we’re always looking for ways to creatively build property value through increased revenue.

When we assumed management of this rental community, the most substantial change we made was to identify an opportunity for additional rental units. The community had two laundry rooms. By outsourcing the laundry service, we could offer laundry service through one room. This opened up space to add two extra units to the complex. The owner was willing to make the investment, and it returned 100% within 18 months.

We also unbundled utility charges from rent. Besides creating additional revenue, this change created a lot more transparency for renters. It also helped minimize the impact of fluctuating utility prices on rental income.

Since Jacob Grant has assumed management, the property revenue has increased 8.9%. And the value has increased $280,000 — and counting.

Want greater returns from your investment? Call for your free consult today.


Making Improvements Pays Off

  • • Idaho Falls Fourplex


We fundamentally believe in expense management, rather than expense avoidance. Investing in quality today leads to better returns tomorrow. This philosophy improves your long-term performance and the predictability of your income.

Case in point, while managing an Idaho Fall fourplex, we identified an opportunity to make strategic, long-term capital improvements ($15,000 over 18 months), and the owner agreed. These improvements have allowed us to increase rents.

Since making these changes, the value of this fourplex has gone up by 15%, and the investor’s income has risen 15%. These are the types of changes that have a compounding effect. They bring in higher caliber renters who are willing to pay for a better home. And they encourage renter loyalty, which reduces turnover costs.

Want greater returns from your investment? Call for your free consult today.



Creating Passive Income for a First-Time Investor

  • • Idaho Falls Fourplex


We help our clients easily create passive income through real estate investments.

For example, a physician approached us with his vision for creating passive income. He knew he wanted to diversify his money in real estate, but he sought advice on how to best do it. We took him through our proprietary Portfolio Builder service.

Our experts helped him define his objectives and create the right long-term criteria to reach his passive income goals.

Once we were clear on his goals and criteria, we took care of the time-consuming legwork for him. We identified a property, facilitated the purchase for him and seamlessly began managing the property for him.

Our client values his time. He doesn’t have to do anything except look at his monthly statements. The property gives him a consistent 8% return on his money.

Want greater returns from your investment without the hassle? Call for your free consult today.


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