Property Management Consulting

Property Management Consulting Services

Consulting services are for decisive real estate investors that want more information to accelerate financial goal completion.

Management Scorecard

Are you wondering if your portfolio is being operated at optimum performance?  Are you missing an opportunity?

The Management Scorecard is for you if you are wondering:

  • Can vacancy be reduced?
  • Can retention rate be increased?
  • Can revenue be increased?
  • What are opportunities for repositioning property for a value and cashflow increase?

What you get:

  • Turnover and vacancy assessment and recommendations.
  • Renewal analysis and recommendations.
  • Revenue and lost opportunity analysis.
  • Repositioning opportunities analysis.
  • Much more…

Hold/Sell Analysis

Could the equity (money) in your property be giving you better returns?  Real estate investors that want more information before choosing to buy, sell, or refinance and want a data supported decision may consider this service.

Hold/Sell Analysis is for you if you are wondering:

  • Am I maximizing returns with my current portfolio?
  • Can I increase returns.

Could your money be performing better somewhere else?
You have owned property(ies) for several years. Assuming that returns stay the same year over year can leave great opportunity on the table.
Should you keep the property? Refinance the property? Sell the property and roll the equity into another property? A Midstream Analysis looks at equity, leverage position, current market conditions and transition expenses. If the current equity is returning less than what you could get on another investment, it would be advisable to transition. An individualized analysis of your situation, equity, debt, and value will be provided to give you guidance on maximizing returns on the entire portfolio.

Construction Formula
Are you considering building a multifamily property? Is your gut telling you to do something a little different? Maybe something that hasn’t been done in the market before? If you are considering building multiple units and you would like answers to the following questions, Construction Consulting may be an investment with high returns. An excellent construction plan, provides the highest returns per square foot in a given market.
1. How many units can I add to a particular market? What absorbancy rate can I expect?
2. What mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom will provide likelihood for high occupancy and high retention?
3. How will we build/structure amenities to provide highest returns?
4. Will garages increase returns/sqft? How should they be structured?
5. What finishes will bring in highest return?
6. What kind of floor plan will provide highest return per square foot?

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