Property Consulting Services

Improve the Returns in Your Portfolio

You have big financial goals — from having the freedom to spend your time as you please, to making sure your family is taken care of. And you work hard for your money. The question is, could your money be working harder for you?

We offer several types of property consulting services to improve the equity and returns in your current properties.


Management ScorecardSM

Our Management Scorecard is designed to help you identify revenue and value-building opportunities you may be missing.


With this expert audit, you’ll learn:

  • • How effective is your current marketing? (Does your marketing reach the best tenants where they’re likely to find it? Are your listings getting them to rent? What changes could you make to increase leads?)
  • • Are your properties being managed and maintained in a way that attracts the best tenants? (If they aren’t, what changes could make a big impact?)
  • • Are there repairs or updates you could make to make substantially increase your revenue?
  • • Are you offering a rental experience that inspires your best tenants to renew? (And if not, what is this costing you?)
  • • What opportunities are you missing for revenue, if any?


You’ll get the most from this property consulting service if any of the following apply.

  • • You’re looking for creative ways to increase your revenue or rent.
  • • You’re wondering whether you’re missing out on income.
  • • You’re worried your properties may not be worth as much as they could be.
  • • You’re noticing that your properties aren’t as nice as they used to be five years ago. (Maybe you’ve noticed a change in how your properties look, an increase in the issues you have with tenants and/or a decline in your tenant quality.)
  • • You’re throwing money at problems, rather than handling them strategically.
  • • You’re noticing out-of-control repair costs with your current property manager.
  • • You’re concerned about your current turnover process or marketing because it results in extended vacancies.


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Hold/Sell AnalysisSM

Let’s say you’ve owned properties for five to 10 years. If you assume your returns will stay the same year over year, you may be missing out on great opportunities to make more money.

With our Hold/Sell Analysis, you’ll discover new opportunities to grow your money.


With our expert analysis, you’re learn:

  • • How could the equity in your properties give you better returns?
  • • Are you maximizing returns with your current equity/portfolio?
  • • Can you increase your returns while managing acceptable risk?

We evaluate your properties on a range of factors — including your equity, leverage position, current market conditions and transition expenses — to figure out whether you should:

  • Keep your properties.
  • Refinance your properties.
  • Sell your properties and roll the equity into other properties.

You’ll receive a custom analysis of your equity, debt and value. You’ll also get practical guidance on how to maximize your returns.


You’ll get the most from this property consulting service if you’ve owned your properties for five to 10 years and any of the following apply:

  • • You’re looking for ways to accelerate growth in your portfolio.
  • • You want more data before choosing to buy, sell or refinance.
  • • You’re noticing your current portfolio isn’t performing as well as it could be.
  • • You’re losing money on your loans, instead of making money.
  • • You’re wondering whether you could take the same money you’ve invested in your properties and increase your returns elsewhere.


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