Property Maintenance


Property Maintenance

The jacobgrant property management system includes a 4 premise approach to maintenance management.

  1. $1 of PREVENTION saves $100 in Reactive Repairs.
  2. Well maintained rental property attracts good tenants.
  3. Slowly improving properties maximize longevity and sell price of rental property.
  4. An efficient maintenance program reduces turnover time.
Preventative Maintenance

Jacob Grant property management arranges preventative maintenance surveys for rental owners.  The vendor inspection will cover items such as replacing a furnace filter, cleaning out a furnace, checking caulking around a bathtub, and checking plumbing under the sink.  Our property management system includes these items because, if unchecked, these items can cost owners of rental properties significant sums of money.  The property survey includes minor repair.  If the inspection discovers more significant items, work orders will be initiated to address the repairs before they become worse.  Preventative maintenance surveys can be provided to the rental property either bi-annually or quarterly depending on the plan you choose.

A Well Maintained Rental Property Attracts Well Qualified Tenants

Maximizing rental income means reducing turnover and reducing expenses at turnover.  Attracting quality residents is another way to improve net operating income or NOI, with improved rents and decreased expenses.  Quality residents are more likely to pay rent on time, less likely to break their lease, and more likely to return the rental property clean, and in good repair.  To increase the quality of tenant, jacobgrant property management improves the quality of the turnover.  When marketing home and apartment rentals, the more outstanding the cleanliness and repair, the better resident it attracts.

Slowly Improving Properties Maximize Longevity and Sell Price of Rental Property

At Jacob Grant property management we take the cliche “if it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse” to action.  Improving properties can include capital repairs, such as slowly replacing windows, replacing a roof, painting siding or updating landscaping.  These repairs improve owner image to residents, improve quality of neighborhoods, and complete much needed updating on properties.  Property updating can impact rental rates, but very likely will improve resident retention.  In property management, turnover is one of your largest expenses, so tenant retention will absolutely improve your NOI over a period of time.

Reduce Turnover Time

When a tenant moves out our property manager inspects and assesses the unit quickly.  At this time all repairs, cleaning and carpet cleaning are scheduled.  As we value every day of vacancy, this process is done with a sense of urgency. Normal turnovers are completed in 7 days or less.  This decreases vacancy and increases NOI.

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