Move out information

Are you sure you want to move?  Instead of finding another place, packing all your belongings, and uprooting your family why not ask about our rent incentives?  Rent incentives are all reasons to stay.  Some incentives include discounts and property updating.  Request information about incentives >>.

We regularly add new house and apartment rentals to our site. If you’re actively looking for another place to rent in Idaho Falls, take a look at our available listings.

Move Out Before End of Lease Term

Situations often change and plans must be changed.  Jacob Grant has a plan prepared so you can reduce the expense of breaking your lease.  Learn more >>.  Following these steps can save you thousands of dollars in rent, security deposit, and utilities.

Security Deposit Return

Getting your security deposit refund begins at the beginning of your lease.  All terms of the lease must be followed including giving at least 30 days of written notice.  Here are some more helpful hints:

  1. Download and thoroughly read moveout packet >>
  2. Give yourself plenty of time to move.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time to clean.  Moving is stressful.  Thought of hiring someone to clean when you are moved?  Hiring and organizing your own housekeeper can save you $$$.
  4. Read your lease to remind you of all hourly cleaning and repair rates.

Notice to Move Out

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