Choosing a Property Manager: Are We a Good Fit?

We Want to Make Great Use of Your Time

So if you’re choosing a property manager in Idaho Falls, we’ll share upfront: We aren’t the right fit for every real estate investor and property owner.

We tend to work well with:

  • Successful entrepreneurs who want to make smart decisions to grow their real estate portfolios in and around Idaho Falls.
  • Savvy property owners who like the idea of an objective, business approach to their property management.


Jacob Grant May Be a Good Fit for You If You:

  • •Have a long-term approach to investing (five to 10+ years, not month to month).
  • •Understand your property is a business that needs to be run well. Your Profit and Loss Statement is more than rental income and a management fee. You have expenses and a margin with money coming in and out.
  • •Want to play a strategic, hands-off role in the management of your properties, not a tactical, day-to-day role. Your time is valuable.
  • •Value expert counsel, so you can make smarter decisions for your investment properties.
  • •Have a delayed gratification philosophy. You recognize there are times when investing a dollar today will give you two dollars tomorrow.


Do You Have a Business Mindset?

You’re more likely to value our approach if you have a business mindset. This means:

  • •You’ve purchased (or built) your properties to achieve financial goals.
  • •It’s important to you to have your properties expertly managed.
  • •You want your property manager to be accountable to a budget.
  • •You don’t have the time or desire to learn the day-to-day details of being a property manager (if you’re new to real estate investing).
  • •You choose to surround yourself with strategic partners whom you can trust for their advice and decision-making.


Learn the ins and outs of how we’d run your real estate business.

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