After looking around I recognized that I pulled our dented blue 2001 Corolla through the entrance backwards.  The Mercedes nor the Audi seemed to notice as the bellman graciously opened our car doors, welcomed us and asked if he could take our bags to our room.  Next, we were offered bottled water as we were escorted past the exterior burning mantles and with the doors opened for us, into the foyer where the attendee continued to rain down red carpet treatment.  Throughout the 2 night stay the interactions at the hotel were beyond exemplary.  When we went to the restaurant there was a built in “compliments of the chef” treat before every meal.  Each staff member worked toward perfect service.  We felt like royalty.

When comparing this service, I thought of our Zappos TourZappos and Waldorf Astoria are in different industries, but both are on a continual search to “WOW” customers.  The thing that I took away from Waldorf Astoria is the way the WOW was built into their system.  After we got settled when we arrived, we took a tour of the property.  When we got back to our room the television was on and there were hot cookies on the table.  How did they do that?  I can feel the “perfect service” that they are reaching for in every interaction.  “It’s not what you do that people remember, it’s how they feel when they interact with you.”

Bringing Perfect Service to Property Management

In property management sometimes we forget that residents are our customers.  I ask myself, “How do we build in WOW to our service?”  The short answer is we don’t.  We work hard to provide exemplary service and treat our residents as customers, but customers don’t typically walk away saying “WOW.”  This process appears to begin with a philosophical approach and it pointedly moves toward the details.  “The devil is in the details.”  Thank you Waldorf Astoria.  Not only for the most encompassing and memorable service I have received, but also for giving insight into how we can take this “next level” of service to property management.



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